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Joint ECB-MNB conference 2012


Cost and efficiency of retail payments: evidence, policy actions and role of central banks

15-16 November 2012


Opening remarks

Benoît Couré, Member of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank

The social and private costs of retail payment instruments: a European perspective

Heiko Schmiedel, Principal Market Infrastructure Expert, European Central Bank; Gergana Kostova, PhD Intern, European Central Bank and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; Wiebe Ruttenberg, Head of Division, European Central Bank

What does it cost to pay? Sweden 2009

Björn Segendorf, Adviser, Sveriges Riksbank; Thomas Jansson, Researcher, Sveriges Riksbank 

The social and private costs of retail payment instruments in Italy

Guerino Ardizzi, Economist Official, Banca d’Italia; Paola Giucca, Director, Banca d’Italia

Efficiency gains through increased debit card usage: data and evidence from the Netherlands

Nicole Jonker, Senior Policy Advisor, De Nederlandsche Bank

The impact of retail payment innovations on cash usage

Kim P. Huynh, Senior Analyst, Bank of Canada; Ben Fung, Research Adviser, Bank of Canada; Leonard Sabetti, Research Analyst, Bank of Canada

Pre-dinner Statement

Mr András Simor, Governor of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank

Towards an efficient payments market: Dutch experiences

Frank Elderson, Member of the Governing Board, De Nederlandsche Bank

Policy actions to increase payment efficiency – some experiences from Norway

Knut Sandal, Director, Norges Bank

How to move away from a cash-based payment system to a “less cash” society

Daso Coimbra, Head of Department, Banco Central do Brasil

Electronic bill payment transformation in Saudi Arabia

Abdulmalik Al Sheikh, Director, Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency

Going against the trend? European integration for retail payments

Wiebe Ruttenberg, Head of Division, European Central Bank

Role of the Federal Reserve in fostering efficient retail payments

Louise Roseman, Director, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

The role of regulation, self-regulation and competition enforcement in the payments markets

Irmfried Schwimann, Director, DG Competition, European Commission

Future directions: challenges and opportunities, Panel discussion

Antti Heinonen, Former Director of Banknotes, European Central Bank


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