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Banknotes and coins




Incomplete, damaged or contaminated banknotes and coins

Exchangeable cash withdrawn from circulation


The MNB exchanges banknotes it withdraws from circulation, no longer constituting legal tender, to the Hungarian legal tender for 20 years from the date of withdrawal and for 5 years from the date of the withdrawal of coins.

Regulatory environment

The effectiveness of the MNB’s responsibility and the performance of its basic tasks (affecting cash-related areas) as well as professional and qualitative central bank expectations are ensured by and included in the following provisions of law.

Production of banknotes and coins

Providing for the cash supply of the economy and maintaining the confidence in cash payments are among the basic tasks of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank.

Foreign currencies

For foreign currencies, the Magyar Nemzeti Bank conducts the expert examination of supposedly counterfeit currencies only; it does not engage in the exchanging, buying or selling of such currencies.

Denomination exchange of forint banknotes and forint coins

The Magyar Nemzeti Bank does not perform any denomination exchange in its retail cash office.


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