Cooperation has become a key element in today’s fast-paced and globalised economic environment. Magyar Nemzeti Bank, the central bank of Hungary has launched its first technical cooperation program for 2021 to strengthen its international network, enhance cooperation with its partners and foster knowledge-sharing and financial dialogue among central banks. We believe that gaining knowledge and establishing valuable personal connections can significantly contribute to effective economic policymaking, financial stability and growth, therefore it benefits all parties involved. 

The MNB Technical Cooperation Programme 2021 – themed as “Stability and Innovation” –  offers 4 seminars throughout the year, covering traditional central banking functions and innovative, technology-related developments of the financial world. The Programme is expected to expand in the coming years, in accordance with latest trends in central banking and needs of our partners. 

The introductory brochure of the MNB Technical Cooperation Programme – containing seminar descriptions and application deadlines – will be available soon.

Registration to the seminars should be submitted on the Online Application Platform. As a prerequisite, applicants should fill out the Application Agreement Form and upload the signed and scanned document at the requested section of the registration form. 

Prior to the registration process, please download the Application Agreement Form here

Start your registration now, on the Online Application Platform! 

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