International cooperation has emerged as a key element in the rapidly changing economic environment. In line/accordance with this, the Magyar Nemzeti Bank, the central bank of Hungary is proud to launch its inaugural Technical Cooperation Programme for 2023. The program aims to foster the MNB’s collaboration with its partners and facilitate the exchange of knowledge and financial dialogue among central banks. of the Programme is built on the belief that knowledge-transfer and personal connections have a vital role in effective economic policymaking, financial stability and growth, therefore benefits all parties involved.

Themed “Stability and Innovation”, the MNB Technical Cooperation Programme offers four seminars over the year, covering both conventional central banking functions and the contemporary, technology-driven developments of the financial landscape. In the future, the program is expected to expand in accordance with the latest trends and the needs of our partners. The introductory brochure of the program, which contains detailed description of the seminars and application deadlines, is available here.

Please find all the practical information and the Terms&Conditions here.

This programme is an excellent opportunity for economic policymakers and financial experts of central banks to expand their knowledge and build valuable relationships with other professionals from around the word. By participating, experts could contribute to the financial stability and growth, benefiting not only themselves, but also their wider community.

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