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Welcome to the website of the Financial Arbitration Board
Welcome to the website of the Financial Arbitration Board

The Office


Office director Dr. Ildikó Szabó

Employment: for an indefinite term beginning from 22 June 2015

Qualifications: University of ELTE Faculty of Law 1986, bar examination 1988


The Office was established in 2014. It includes the office director, the legal rapporteurs, the arbitration expert, the spokesperson of FAB and the assistants.

The Office is led by the office director, who arranges for the fulfilment of the administrative tasks in time, the organisation of substitutions, assigns the cases to the departments, arranges for the even distribution of the workload of the cases among the departments, operates the case registration system, manages archiving, ensures that the document templates are available and updated. Liaises with the Administrative Litigation Department with regard to litigations, and arranges for data supply. Liaises with other conciliation boards, the Consumer Protection Department of the MNB and the Financial Consumer Protection Centre.

The chair of the Board is substituted by the office director.

Tasks of the Office:

The Office supports the work of the departments and therefore members of the acting panels and the members; it performs a significant part of the administration, and its staff also participate in other tasks related to the operation of the Board. The office inspects the received petitions in terms of competence. If the absence of Board’s competence can be established on the basis of the content of the petition without requesting additional documents, it rejects the petition citing absence of competence. The resolution on the rejection is signed by the chair of Financial Arbitration Board or the office director. If it is not possible to determine the lack of competence without substitution, the office director will assign the case to one of the departments.

It is the task of the Office to relieve the workload of members of the board in cases that do not require meaningful processing. Accordingly, the clients – petitioners and the financial services providers receive written information by the Office. The staff of the Office will provide information on the general rules of proceedings to anyone, on request and in writing.

Staff of the Office:

  • Réka Beliczay, assistant
  • Marianna Hegedüs, arbitration expert
  • Ildikó Kálmán, assistant
  • Tünde Kardos-Nagy, chief arbitration expert, PBT spokesperson
  • Anikó Kosán, assistant
  • Gergely Kovács, assistant
  • Dóra Lengyeli, assistant
  • Ilona Sárándi, assistant
  • Dr. Ádám Tóth, assistant


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