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Top Quotes from 2021 E-Conference

„Today extremely low real interest rates appear to be a permanent feature of our economies. No one would have thought that just a few years ago.”

Boris Vujčić
Governor, Hrvatska narodna banka

”Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’s number 42'', somehow reminds me of the monetary policy today. It is being proposed as an answer to almost any problem.”

Boris Vujčić
Governor, Hrvatska narodna banka

“We will strike a balance between stabilizing economic growth and preventing risks, moreover, we will prioritize the overall policy design and planning for green finance."

Gang Yi
Governor, People’s Bank of China

„A new age of central banking is at our doorsteps. A large-scale attempt to support economic growth can only coincide with a dynamic growth in the central bank balance sheet, which will be the new normal in the future.”

Barnabás Virág
Deputy Governor, Magyar Nemzeti Bank

“With monetary policy constrained in the post-COVID world, we are going to need more active countercyclical fiscal policy to keep the economy on track”

William B. English
Professor in the Practice, Yale University

“Our commitment to preserve favourable financing conditions stabilizes markets, supports financial intermediation and reassures potential borrowers“

Philip R. Lane
Member of the Executive Board, European Central Bank; former Governor of the Central Bank of Ireland

“There is great applause for the swift and massive action taken by central banks in providing needed liquidity to economic agents just after the outbreak of the pandemic.”

Jacques de Larosiere
Former Managing Director of the IMF; former Governor of Banque de France

„Fiscal policies should play a much larger role to stimulus the economy, after COVID-19. The governmental spending will boost the economy.”

Yang Yao
Dean and Professor, National School of Development, Peking University

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