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Welcome to the website of the Financial Arbitration Board
Welcome to the website of the Financial Arbitration Board



The Board is also a full member of the INFO Network, incorporating the world's financial ombudspersons, at present having over 50 member organisations from five continents, since 1 January 2012. It regularly publishes information on its website on all of its members, thus also about the Hungarian Financial Arbitration Board ( ).

This organization was established in London, on 26 September 2007 by the cooperation of the U.S.A, Great Britain, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada and Australia. Its original purpose was the coordination of the alternative dispute resolution mechanisms operating in the member states – most importantly, in the field of the financial sector –, furthermore, to develop a comprehensive system. Members of the organization are organised around 4 regions: Eurasia, Africa, America, and Australia. INFO-Network operates in accordance with the six key principles approved by the members: independence, impartiality, efficiency, equity, transparency and accountability. The purpose of the cooperation within the organisation is to develop alternative, out-of-court dispute resolution models, elaborate codes of conduct, enhance the use of information technology, handle certain recurring issues and problems at systemic level, handle cross-border complaints in a uniform and smooth manner and also to share in-service training opportunities and directions. The organisation puts the emphasis on the enforcement of the consumer protection principles developed on the basis of international standards, which is – in its opinion – guaranteed by the independent and unbiased alternative dispute resolution forums. In respect of Central and Eastern Europe the organisation pays special attention to the exchange of information and consultation among the countries of the region.

The Financial Arbitration Board, as a member of the INFO Network, responds to the questionnaires and enquiries related to its activity; these are available in the global organisation's monthly electronic newsletter and on the private website reserved for financial ombudspersons.

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