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Welcoming remarks

Governor György Matolcsy


It was my utmost pleasure to welcome you all on the occasion of the Budapest Eurasia Forum 2020 E-Conference, the second event of our new conference-series launched in 2019. Following the successful Pre-Forum Session in 2019, the journey of the Budapest Eurasia Forum continued despite the challenges of the pandemic, that have encouraged us to discover new platforms and organised the Forum through digital channels.

2020 has been a year of the unprecedented and the unexpected so far, however the constantly changing circumstances did not alter the key mission of our event, which was to connect the most distinguished experts from across Eurasia and facilitate a discussion that enhances transcontinental cooperation and contributes to the common good. Our digital event took place under the theme “Eurasian cooperation in the post-pandemic era” and covered key areas of economic growth, going beyond traditional central banking functions or monetary policy.

I believe that setting the right goals is the most elemental step of success in case of every initiative. We at MNB have set a universal goal that we consider the base of our policymaking in every aspect; achieving long-term and sustainable growth, that benefits all actors of the economy, from the banking sector through small and medium enterprises to individual consumers and households.

Sustainability and growth go beyond institutions or countries; these are goals of global importance, therefore should be addressed on dedicated, international platforms. Based on the geopolitical shift that increased the importance of Eurasia, the intention of the Budapest Eurasia Forum is to become one of the most significant of these platforms and to contribute to the successful transcontinental cooperation that is developing and expanding day by day.

I believe that the spirit and the concept of our Forum have been formulated in accordance with the most influential megatrends of our times and resonates with several international initiatives from Eurasian countries. I am sure that the digital event in 2020 supported the process of forging new partnerships and advancing existing ones. I hope the intriguing discussion provided inspiration for many of you in your professional life and would be beneficial for our future.

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