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MNB Bulletin June 2007


The Magyar Nemzeti Bank assigns great importance to make those central bank materials available for the wider public in an easily intelligible manner which analyse economic and financial developments of public interest. This publication, which contains four studies, is the first issue of the second year of the MNB Bulletin. Three articles examine current issues of the Hungarian economy, namely banks’ liquidity risk, corporate investment, as well as the relationship between foreign exchange market transactions and macroeconomic information, while in one article the central bank aspects of the monetary base are discussed from a theoretical point of view.

The Editorial Board

The complete volume can be downloaded here: MNB Bulletin June 2007

The articles of this volume can be downloaded below:

How resilient are Hungarian banks to liquidity shocks? (by Tamás Balás and Csaba Móré)

Unfavourable investment data – risks to economic growth? (by Péter Gál)

How do macroeconomic announcements and FX market transactions affect exchange rates? (by Norbert Kiss M. and Klára Pintér)

The effect of the monetary base on money supply – Does the quantity of central bank money carry any information? (by András Komáromi)

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