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Bank account management service

The frameworks of MNB’s bank account management are defined in the Central Bank Act. The MNB keeps the account of the Hungarian State Treasury and accounts of certain government institutions as defined in the Act. Unless it authorizes some other credit institutions, the MNB keeps the accounts of credit institutions. In principle, the Bank may provide a wide range of services for Hungarian residents in foreign currency and for foreign residents in Hungarian forint and foreign currency, but it exercises this authority only by observing the rules of the account management policy defined by itself...

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Routing table

The bank account numbers used in Hungary has a standard structure. The first 3 digits of the account number is the bank code issued by the MNB. This is followed by a four-digit branch-office identifier that may be chosen by the credit institutions. The first group of 8 (branch office code) is closed by a control number the generation rules of which is provided in an MNB Decree...

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