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The goal of the research in the Magyar Nemzeti Bank is to provide firm theoretical and empirical foundations for monetary and macroprudential policy decisions, by employing the most recent theoretical models and the most advanced empirical tools. Therefore, it is one of the priorities of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank – in accordance with its mandate – to continuously improve its research activities and analytic capabilities and maintain a high standard in these.

Publications of the analysts and researchers of the magyar nemzeti bank

The analysts and researchers of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank aim to share their results with the international professional community, therefore they regularly publish their research papers in highly ranked domestic and international economic and finance journals.

Publications in international journals

Publications in outlets edited by MNB

Publications in the Financial and Economic Review.

Publications in the MNB Working Papers series.

Publications in the MNB Occasional Papers series.

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Conferences and seminars

In order to maintain links with the international professional community, the analysts and researchers of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank participate in their respective fields’ international conferences and workshops on a regular basis. In addition to this, in some highly important topics the MNB also hosts international conferences, workshops and seminars. These events are good opportunities for the staff members to discuss the most recent results of their research field with the most prominent international experts of these areas.

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Budapest school for Central Bank Studies

The Budapest School for Central Bank Studies, operated by the Magyar Nemzeti Bank, offers courses in macroeconomics and monetary policy each year. These courses are primarily targeted toward central bank analysts and researchers, and employees of governmental institutions, and researchers in these fields. The courses are held in English, by the best international experts of the respective areas.

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