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Organising meetings with investors and analysts


The Magyar Nemzeti Bank considers it as an important task to provide market participants with credible information on monetary policy, financial and macroeconomic developments. To this end, the Bank’s senior management and experts are at the disposal of investors and analysts in the form of personal meetings.

Please send your requests regarding meetings with our colleagues by e-mail to, indicating the most important features of the meeting (suggested time, participants, topics to be discussed).

The MNB receives investors and analysts throughout the year, however, the five working days preceding the interest rate setting meeting of the Monetary Council and the publication of the  Report on Inflation are exceptions to this rule (so-called black-out period). In addition to that, no information can be provided on the messages of the Report on Financial Stability during the week prior to the publication of such report.

To help you in planning the timing of your meetings and avoiding black-out periods, please find relevant information at the following links: