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OP104. Anikó Bódi-Schubert–Zsolt Ábrahám–Erika Lajkó: Network-based analyses of Hungarian cash supply


This paper focuses on analyzing the cash supply network, in which the central bank - as an institutional member - acts as a key influencing node/party. By analyzing the case study example of the Hungarian cash supply, the paper introduces the different kinds of special network patterns that can appear in cases, when the network exists in an institutional (B2A) context and the institutional network member has a special regulatory role in influencing the manner of other business network members.

The research findings are based on the application of the case study method. One case will be analyzed that focuses on introducing the main features of the Hungarian cash supply network and the behavior of its key members [central bank (the institutional one); cash logistic providers, commercial banks, post office, retail chains (business ones)].

From managerial point, the analyzed case provides evidences that influencing and interplaying network effects are valid for an institutional member as well, even if it has “special rights” to influence the basic network processes and structure.

JEL: M190, M110, L140.

Keywords: network, institutional-business network, network members, cash, cash supply.


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