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Fixed euro conversion rates


Currency 1 EUR=
Belgian francs (BEF) 40,339900
Deutsche Mark (DEM) 1,955830
Estonian kroon (EEK) 15,646600
Irish pound  (IEP) 0,787564
Greek drachmas (GRD) 340,750000
Spanish pesetas (ESP) 166,386000
Cyprus pound (CYP) 0,585274
French francs (FRF) 6,559570
Italian lire (TIL) 1936,270000
Luxembourg francs (LUF) 40,339900
Maltese lira (MTL) 0,429300
Dutch guilders (NLG) 2,203710
Austrian schilling (ATS) 13,760300
Portuguese escudos (PTE) 200,482000
Slovennian tolars (SIT) 239,640000
Slovak koruna (SKK) 30,1260000
Finnish markkas (FIM) 5,94

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