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Currency names

ATS Austrian Schilling
AUD Australian Dollar
AUP Australian Pound
BEF Belgian Franc
BGL Bulgarian Lev
BGN Bulgarian Lev
BRL Brazilian real
CAD Canadian Dollar
CHF Swiss Franc
CNY Chinese yuan renminbi
CSD Serbian Dinar
CSK Czechoslovakian Koruna
CYN Chinese yuan
CZK Czech Koruna
DEM Deutsche Mark
DKK Danish Krone
EEK Estonian kroon
EGP Egyptian Pound
ESP Spanish Peseta
EUR Euro
FIM Finnish Markka
FRF French Franc
GBP Pound Sterling
GHP Ghana Pound
GRD Greek Drachma
HKD Hong Kong Dollar
HRK Croatian Kuna
HUF Hungarian forint
IDR Indonesian Rupiah
IEP Irish Pound
ILS Israeli Shekel
INR Indian Rupee
ISK Icelandic Krona
ITL Italian Lira
JPY Japanese Yen
KPW North Korean Won
KRW South Korean Won
KWD Kuwaiti Dinar
LBP Lebanese Pound
LTL Lithuanian litas
LUF Luxembourg Franc
LVL Latvian lats
MNT Mongolian Tugrik
MXN Mexican Peso
MYR Malaysian Ringgit
NLG Netherlands Guilder
NOK Norwegian Krone
NZD New Zealand Dollar
OAL Alban Lek
OBL Bulgarian Lev
OFR French Franc
ORB Ruble
PHP Philippine Peso
PKR Pakistan Rupee
PLN Polish Zloty
PTE Portuguese Escudo
ROL Romanian Leu
RON Romanian New Leu
RSD Serbian Dinar
RUB Russian Rubel
SDP Sudanese pound
SEK Swedish Krona
SGD Singapore Dollar
SIT Slovenian Tolar
SKK Slovak Koruna
SUR New Ruble
THB Thai Baht
TRY Turkish Lira
UAH Ukrainian Hryvnia
USD US Dollar
VND Vietnamese Dong
XTR Tr/Cl Ruble
YUD Yugoslavian Dinar
ZAR South African Rand

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