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Supervisory Disclosure - Solvency II


According to the Solvency II and based on the Commission Implementing Regulation 2015/2451/EU the Central Bank of Hungary fulfills its disclosure obligations hereby. Following data, information is available on the links below:

Disclosure of information on laws, regulations, administrative rules and general guidance

This section provides information on Union legislation in the field of insurance regulation that is directly applicable and on national laws, regulations, administrative rules and general guidance implementing Union law.

Disclosure of information on the supervisory review process

This section of public disclosure includes information on the manner in which the review and evaluation provided for in Article 36 of Directive 2009/138/EC is conducted.

Options and National Discretions

The Solvency II contains a large number of options and national discretions which may be applied on the basis of national circumstances. This section intends to make a brief overview of how these options and national discretions are being exercised in Hungary.

Disclosure of information on supervisory objectives, functions and activities

According to point (e) of Article 31(2) of Solvency II, this part contains information on the supervisory objectives, main supervisory functions and main areas of on-going or planned supervisory activity.

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