Official foreign exchange rates of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank are fixed on each weekday, except for on national public holidays. These published exchange rates are valid until the publication of the next day's rates.

The exchange rates are fixed at 11 am.. The official EUR/HUF fixing rate is the simple arithmetic average of the EUR/HUF quotes of the 10 most active domestic banks in the HUF foreign exhange market, after the 2 highest and 2 lowest quotes are eliminated. The USD/HUF fixing rate is calculated by using this EUR/HUF fixing rate and the EUR/USD market rate at 11 am.. The HUF exchange rates against other currencies are derived from the USD/HUF fixing and the foreign exchange cross rates at 11 am.

The Magyar Nemzeti Bank publishes official exchange rates through the following mediums:

  • Internet (
  • Wire services (Reuter page/HUFE/, Bloomberg page/NBH5/)

Reproduction of the official exchange rates is permitted, however, the Bank assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of such information