MNB’s payment and account management services

The frameworks of MNB’s bank account management are defined in the Central Bank Act. The MNB keeps the account of the Hungarian State Treasury and accounts of certain government institutions as defined in the Act. The MNB is authorized by the Act to keep the accounts of payment service providers, market infrastructures (CSDs, clearing houses), cash-in-transit companies, the Hungarian Deposit Insurance Fund, the Hungarian Investment Protection Fund and any other institution that the MNB deems necessary with regards to its fundamental duties as a central bank outlined in the Act,. The MNB uses this authorization in accordance with its own payment services and account management policy.

The Real-time Gross Settlement System (VIBER) is built on the settlement agent function of the Bank. In the VIBER the settlement of payments takes place item by item, immediately if there is sufficient liquidity. The rules of operation of the VIBER and any other payment services provided by MNB are regulated in the MNB’s Business Terms and Conditions and its annexes: