Through market supervision, the Magyar Nemzeti Bank ensures the legal compliance and integrity of the capital market, and the maintenance of the trust in the capital market. As part of that, in addition to monitoring exchange transactions, which primarily aims to control transactions suspicious of prohibited market manipulation or insider trading, it also monitors compliance with the provisions set out in the Short Selling Regulation (SSR) (, and in order to protect investors, it publishes warnings on its website about local and foreign operators that pursue unlicensed activities in an often misleading and unlawful manner.

Additionally, it controls issuers’ public statements for compliance in terms of both form and substance, and licenses the securities offered by them to the public. In order to preserve and strengthen trust in the capital market, it examines whether issuer’s reports comply with the relevant legislation and international accounting standards, since it is essential for such reports to provide a true and fair view.

Among other entities, it also supervises investment undertakings and investment funds, conducting, at intervals specified in the MNB Act, comprehensive audits involving site inspections, as well as targeted, thematic and follow-up audits. It takes action against entities that pursue unlicensed or unregistered activities. Its main aim is to protect investors according to legal provisions by ensuring a clean capital market.