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Standard & Poor's

Outlook Effective
Stable 28.04.2020
Foreign Currency LT Debt  Effective
BBB 15.02.2019
BBB- 19.09.2016
BB+ 20.03.2015
BB+ 18.09.2015
BB 23.11.2012
BB+ 21.12.2011
BBB        *N 11.11.2011
BBB- 30.03.2009
BBB 17.11.2008
BBB+      *N 15.10.2008
BBB+ 15.06.2006
A- 19.12.2000
BBB+     *P 02.02.2000
BBB 11.12.1998
BBB-      *P 22.01.1998
BBB-   28.10.1996
BB+ 31.01.1996
BB+       *N 07.02.1995
BB+ 23.11.1994
BB+       *P 20.04.1992

If *P or *N = rating is likely to move up (Positive) or down (Negative)

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