Pursuant to the authorisation granted by the Central Bank Act, the basic tasks of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank include the collection of statistical information required for carrying out its tasks and fulfilling the statistical data reporting obligations for the ECB, the operation of an information system and the publication of statistical data regarding the functioning of the system of credit institutions and the financial position of the country.
For operating the information system, the MNB collects data from organisations and natural persons determined by law. In compliance with Community Law and international standards, while taking account of any changes in the conditions and requirements related to the performance of its duties, the MNB revises the collections of data once each year, thus specifying them for each year in MNB Decrees.
This part of the website contains the MNB Decrees on statistical data collections for the given year, technical aids related to the decrees facilitating the data supply as well as other information regarding the data supply. The draft of the MNB Decrees for the next calendar year, which are released for public consultation by the MNB, are also available here.