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Seminars 2012



January 18

Ibolya Schindele (Norwegian Business School)

Social Capital and the Viability of Stakeholder-Oriented Firms: Evidence from Savings Banks

February  1

Claudia Foroni (European University Institute)

The Use of Mixed-Frequency Data to Identify Structural Models

February 2

Georgios Georgiadis (Goethe University, Frankfurt)

Towards an Explanation of Cross-Country Asymmetries in Monetary Transmission

February 9

Zoltan Wolf (OECD, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

Forecasting aggregate productivity using information from firm-level data

February 10

Michael Rousakis (University of Warwick)

Expectations and Fluctuations: The Role of Monetary Policy

February 21

Petr Sedlaček (Universiteit van Amsterdam)

Firm age, business cycles and aggregate labor market dynamics

April 4  (in CUCU-room, A/431)

Gabor Pinter (University of Cambridge)

Financial frictions and shocks

April 11 (A/431)

Peter Karadi (ECB)

QE1 vs. 2 vs. 3: A Framework for Analysing Large Scale Asset Purchases as a Monetary Policy Tool 

April 25 (A/431, CUCU-room)

Henrik Jacobsen Kleven (London School of Economics)

Behavioral Responses to Notches: Evidence from Pakistani Tax Records

May 9 (A/431, CUCU-room)

Susanne Forstner (European University Institute)

Job-to-Job Mobility and Wage Inequality: A quantitative assessment

May 16 Wednesday , MNB CUCU Room 15:15-16:45

Roland Straub (ECB)

Bubble Thy Neighbor: Portfolio Effects and Externalities from Capital Controls  

May 23  (in CUCU-room A/431)

Viktoria Hnatkovska (Wharton Finance)

The Exchange Rate Response Puzzle

May 30 (A/431, CUCU-room)

Fabio Ghironi (Boston College)

Market Deregulation and Optimal Monetary Policy in a Monetary Union

June 13  (A/431, in CUCU-room) at 15:00

Michele Lenza (ECB)

Money, credit, monetary policy and the business cycle in the euro area

June 18 (Monday) CANCELLED!

Anthony Venables (University of Oxford)

Cities in the global economy: understanding why cities do well

June 28, Thursday

Dirk Krueger (University of Pennsylvania)

Intergenerational Redistribution in the Great Recession

FALL 2012 

September 12

Christophe Deissenberg (Université  de la Méditerranée

New approaches in macroeconomics: agent-based modeling/heterogeneous agents

Promises and limitations

September 26 14:00-15:15 Széchenyi room, A/401

Ralph De Haas (EBRD)

Running for the Exit? International Bank Lending during a Financial Crisis

October 3

Mike Elsby (University of Edinburgh)

On the Importance of the Participation Margin for Labor Market Fluctuations 

October 10

Refet Gürkaynak (University of Bilkent)

Judging the DGSE model by its forecast

October 17

Paolo Sodini (Stockholm School of Economics)

Twin Picks: Disentangling the Determinants of Risk-Taking in Household Portfolios

November 14

Livia Chitu (ECB)

Was unofficial dollarisation/euroisation an amplifier of the ‘great recession’ of 2007-09 in emerging economies?

November 28

Thijs van Rens (CREI/UPF)

Selective Hiring and the Welfare Costs of Business Cycles 

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