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Courses 2014



March 31-April 4

Advanced time series methods (Fabio Canova, EUI)

  • Classical and Bayesian VARs
  • Classical and Bayesian panel models
  • Classical Factor models and FAVARs
  • Classical and Bayesian state space models
  • Models with time varying parameters and stochastic volatility

April 7-11

Part I: April 7-9

Closed economy macroeconomics (Claudio Michelacci, CEMFI)

  • The neoclassical growth model. Endogenous growth models
  •  Real business cycle models
  •  Models with nominal price rigidities. New Keynesian models
  •  Labor market models with search frictions

Part II: April 9-11

Open Economy Macroeconomics (Evi Pappa, EUI)

  •             Business-Cycle Facts in Poor, Emerging, and Rich Countries
  • The Small-Open-Economy Real-Business-Cycle Model. Terms of trade shocks
  •             Interest Rates, Productivity Shocks, and Financial Frictions
  • Sovereign Debt


July 28-August 1

Forecasting with Bayesian DSGE and time series  models (Marco Del Negro, Fed of NY)

  • Basic of Bayesian methods
  • DSGE and time series models
  • Model evaluation
  • Forecasting
  • Topics: non-gaussianity, time variations, prior elicitation.

August 4-8

Macro- Financial Linkages (Vincenzo Quadrini, USC) 

  • Traditional models of macro-financial linkages (BGG, Kiyotaki and Moore)
  • New models of macro-financial linkages
  • Solving non-linear models with macro-financial linkages
  • Macro-financial linkages in open economies
  • Financial markets and labor market linkages

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