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Seminars 2016


Budapest Economic Seminar Series - BESS at MNB
Venue:  MNB, 1054 Budapest, Szabadsag ter 8
Time and room No. are indicated next to the seminar.
This seminar series is open to external visitors. Please register in advance, would you wish to attend a seminar, by sending an email to:
An ID card or passport is required to enter MNB.

March 9 (10:30, A401)
Martin Brown (University of St. Gallen)
Deposit Withdrawals from Distressed Commercial Banks

April 7 (15:15, A401)
Stephen Millard (Bank of England)
A Dynamic Model of Financial Balances for the United Kingdom

April 27 (10:30, 201)
Zsolt Sándor (Sapienta University)
Random Coefficient Demand Estimation by Optimal Instrument-Based Continuously Updated GMM

May 4 (10:30, A401)
Burak Uras (Tilburg University)
Efficient Asset Opacity with Banks and Markets

May 18 (10:30, A401)
Alessandro Barattieri (Collegio Carlo Alberto)
Banks Interconnectivity and Leverage

May 26 (10:30, A401)
Thomas Hintermaier (University of Bonn)
Household Debt and Crises of Confidence

June 1 (10:30, A401)
Helmut Stix (Oesterreichische Nationalbank)
Banking Crises, Bail-ins, and Depositor Confidence: Lessons from Cyprus

September 14 (10:30-12:00 A/401)
Pavel Gertler (National Bank of Slovenia), Boris Hofmann (BIS)
Monetary Facts Revisited

September 28   (10:30-12:00  A/401)
Matteo Cacciatore (HEC Montreal)
Hours and Employment Over the Business Cycle

November 16 (10:30-12:00 A/401)
Sudipto Karmakar (Banco De Portugal)
Real Effects of Financial Distress: the Role of Heterogeneity