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Seminars 2011


Spring 2011 

January 19

Antonio Mele (LSE)  

Ambiguity, Information Acquisition and Price Swings in Asset Markets

February 1

Sergei Stepanchuk  (University of Pennsylvania)

February 4

Mehmet Fatih Ekinci  (University of Rochester)  

Inattentive Consumers and Exchage Rate Volatility

February 7  

Markus Kirchner  (University of Amsterdam and Tinbergens Institute)   

Expectations-Based Identification of Government Spending Schocks   

February 9   

Adam Gulan   (Rutgers University)   

Incomplete Markets, Optimal Portfolios, and International Consumptions Correlations  

March 11 (Friday)  

Bela Személy (Duke University)  

Optimal Leverage and Investment under Uncertainty    

March 23

Bartosz Maćkowiak (ECB)  

Business Cycle Dynamics under Rational Inattention

March 30

Christian Matthes (UPF, Barcelona)  

Optimal Disinflation under Learning  

April 20  

Simon Gilchrist (Boston University)  

Credit Spreads and Business Cycle Fluctuations

April 27  

Giovanni Calice (University of Southampton)  

Liquidity Interactions in Credit Markets: An Analysis of The Eurozone Sovereign Debt Crisis

May 11  

Gyuri Venter (London School of Economics)  

Short-sale Constraints and Creditor runs


Romain Ranciere (Paris School of Economics)  

Financial Liberalization: Efficiency Gains and Black-Holes

June 1

Anton Nakov (ECB)  

Precautionary price stickiness  

Fall 2011 

August 25 

Zoltan Pozsar (IMF, visiting scholar)  

Institutional Cash Pools and the Triffin Dilemma of the U.S. Banking System  

September 27

Viral Acharya (??NYU Stern??)  

Sovereign debt, government myopia, and the financial sector  

October 5? 

Boris Vujcic? (National Bank of Croatia)  

Emerging Markets during the crisis: why this time was different?   

October 26?  

Giampiero Gallo? (?University of Florence?)  

Common Dynamics in Volatility: a Composite vMEM Approach

??November 9?  

?Andri Chassamboulli? (?University of Cyprus)?  

"Give me your Tired, your Poor," so I can Prosper: Immigration in Search Equilibrium  

November 16?   

?Dirk Schoenmaker? (Duisenberg School of Finance)?  

?Improving the Resolution of Cross-Border Banks?  

November 30?   

?Francesco Pappada? (?University of Lausanne)?  

All you need is Loan  

Credit market frictions and the exit of firms during recessions 

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