Forint banknotes with advanced features will be issued

From 15 April 2009, the Magyar Nemzeti Bank will be issuing forint banknotes with enhanced features. The new versions of the various denominations will be almost identical to the old ones; however, they will include additional graphic elements providing greater protection and making the banknotes more difficult to counterfeit.

From 15 April 2009, the Magyar Nemzeti Bank will be issuing all banknotes with enhanced features, except the 200 forint banknote which will be withdrawn at the end of the year. Following the introduction of the new 10000 forint banknotes last autumn, new versions of five other denominations, i.e. the 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 and 20000 forint banknotes, will be put into circulation.

The banknotes will incorporate advanced security features (small yellow circles) also used on foreign banknotes, for example, on euro banknotes, which will provide greater protection against counterfeiting. In addition, the 1000 forint banknote will bear a new, silver holographic metal strip.

The yellow circles will provide greater protection against counterfeiting. The holographic strip, in addition to enhancing the security of banknotes against counterfeiting, is more resistant to wear and tear and environmental effects, and is easier to check while doing everyday shopping.

All earlier versions will remain legal tender. The denominations bearing enhanced security features will be put into circulation gradually in the course of the next months.


The primary statutory duty of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank is to deliver and maintain price stability. The MNB ensures the safe operation of the payment and settlement systems, safeguards the financial stability of the banking sector, manages the country’s foreign currency reserves, collects and publishes statistical data, and issues the forint, Hungary’s national legal tender. The Magyar Nemzeti Bank is an independent and autonomous institution, which discharges its responsibilities with due regard to the country’s economic interests.

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