Primary market purchases of mortgage bonds have started

Under the mortgage bond purchase programme announced by the Monetary Council on 8 February 2010, the MNB has made the first purchase of mortgage bonds in the Hungarian primary market. The Bank has bought HUF 3,058,820,000 at par of the second tranche of series FJ15NF01 mortgage bonds sold by public auction by FHB Mortgage Bank Plc on 11 March 2010, at an average yield of 8.18%.

In accordance with the detailed terms of the mortgage bond purchase scheme announced on 25 February 2010, the Bank has made its purchase at the average yield on the bonds purchased by investors outside the issuer’s group. The Bank has bought 20.00% of the total amount purchased by investors outside FHB Group.

Further information on the current and potential further primary market purchases is available in the section dedicated to the mortgage bond purchase programme of the Bank’s website by clicking on the link below:

Mortgage bond purchase program