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Budapest Renminbi Initiative 2016 conference

The Central Bank of Hungary announced its Renminbi Program in 2015. In the frame of the Renminbi Program the Bank launched the Budapest Renminbi Initiative that aims to expand the investment spectrum and financing sources of Hungary and to foster Chinese-Hungarian economic partnership. Important goals of MNB with the Initiative are to create money market, foreign exchange and capital market infrastructures, develop the settlement system and start negotiations about Chinese capital market licences in cooperation with the major stakeholders of renminbi settlements in the financial, corporate and government sector. Related to the Initiative the MNB organizes yearly conferences in order to facilitate discussion and foster cooperation among market participants and contributes to market development. In the frame of the Renminbi Program and the Budapest Renminbi Initiative the MNB encourage the publication of papers on Chinese economic and financial developments and contributes to educational and research cooperation.
The second meeting of the Budapest Renminbi Initiative is held at the Central Bank of Hungary on May 25, 2016. The aim of Budapest Renminbi Initiative 2016 conference is to increase the awareness of the opportunities available for Hungarian real economy and financial market participants in the fields of investments, financing, financial markets and financial infrastructure matters related to the Chinese markets and the Renminbi-Forint market.

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