Budapest, 26 February 2016 - Hungarian, non-MTPL injured parties of the Astra Insurance Company have to submit their damage and other (for example: reimbursement) claims to the Romanian Guarantee Fund (FGA), using the forms on the FGA’s homepage, which are available in Hungarian. It is important to note that the claims need to arrive at the FGA’s address by 3 March.

The non-MTPL – for example: Casco, home or travel insurance contracts – damage claims and in case of contracts in which the contractors paid, but did not receive their insurance premiums – including MTPL contracts – will be reimbursed to the injured parties by the Romanian Guarantee Fund (FGA).

The Romanian financial supervisory authority (ASF) notified the Magyar Nemzeti Bank (MNB) that the damage claims initiating the settlement and payment procedure have to be submitted to the FGA – only in written format – in a way that ensures the claim’s arrival by 3 March, at the latest.

Since the deadline is approaching, it is important to once again draw the attention of the Hungarian customers of Astra Insurance Company to send their non-MTPL or other (such as fee reimbursement) claims as soon as possible. We recommend resending the claims sent to Astra Insurance Company’s Hungarian branch office or to FGA previously.

The Hungarian non-MTPL injured parties and the contractors who did not receive their insurance premiums have to submit another written (available in Hungarian) damage reimbursement claim to the FGA. This claim – potentially alongside the other documents – should be sent in a way that ensures its arrival by 3 March to the recipient.

In conclusion, there are a few forms that need to be filled out. The aforementioned details and the information about how to send the forms are available on the Romanian Guarantee Fund’s homepage and its customer service (hyperlinks leading directly to the forms can be found in the appendix section further below).

According to the legal regulations in force since the autumn of 2015, the Association of Hungarian Insurance Companies (MABISZ) is in charge of handling and paying MTPL damages. Therefore, it is recommended for the damaged parties who did not establish contact yet that they submit their claims to MABISZ without delay. Those who still have Astra MTPL contracts should switch to another insurance company as soon as possible.

The MNB – who does not monitor Astra Insurance Company – provides up-to-date information on its website about the compensation of the damaged parties of the Romanian Astra Insurance Company, to protect Hungarian customers. The latest information and rules about insurance contracts can be found on the homepage of MABISZ.

Magyar Nemzeti Bank


The Hungarian forms available on the Romanian Guarantee Fund’s (FGA) homepage

1. Form for the initiation of the damage reimbursement procedure:

2. Damage report form:

3. Damage reimbursement form:

4. Statement to support the previous documents:

Contact details of the Romanian Guarantee Fund (FGA)

Address: Str. Popa Petre nr. 24, Bucuresti 020805, Sector 2 Romania
Telephone: +4021.211.60.37 vagy +4021.211.60.52 vagy +4021.211.60.73 vagy +4021.211.60.79 vagy +4021.211.61.05 vagy +4021.210.24.40 vagy +4021.210.24.41 vagy +4021.210.24.42
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