22 January 2020

The latest, Chinese-language issue of the Financial and Economic Review, containing a selection of papers, was presented by the Magyar Nemzeti Bank, the central bank of Hungary on 22 January 2020, a few days before the beginning of the Chinese Lunar New Year. This issue contains the most notable papers published in last year. 

Based on the favourable experience of recent years, the Editorial Board of the Financial and Economic Review decided to continue the initiative started in 2018 and publish another issue of selected papers in Chinese. The interest in the Chinese-language publications also proves that the Chinese-language scientific educational journal fills a gap and yields significant results, making the issue of selected papers available to more readers, and it is also valuable from an economic diplomacy perspective.

As the publisher, the Magyar Nemzeti Bank primarily seeks to support scientific education and the further promotion of Chinese-Hungarian economic policy relations by putting out an issue in Chinese. The papers in this issue examine the outstanding performance achieved by Hungary’s economy, China’s search for equilibrium, a new theory in interest rate policy, the characteristics of large-scale deposit withdrawals and deposit insurance, and the 2019 conference of the Budapest Renminbi Initiative.

The papers in the Chinese-language issue are available on the website of the Financial and Economic Review: http://chinese.hitelintezetiszemle.hu/

We wish you a very pleasant reading. 

Magyar Nemzeti Bank