The Magyar Nemzeti Bank will exceptionally issue six collector versions of the 5-forint circulation coin in 12 million pieces to mark the 75th anniversary of the introduction of the forint. Placing them in the correct order, the coins form the word FORINT and display the Magyar Nemzeti Bank head office at Szabadság square.

The thematic side of the 5-forint coins, to honour the occasion, was designed on the basis of Gyuró Mónika’s graphics. Her creation proved to be the most popular after a public vote had been conducted. All six design elements feature a section of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank’s building which display a representation of the building from an angle, when placed in the correct order. The letters in the word ‘FORINT’ are also part of the six coin designs. Their unique typeface evokes the ones used in 1946, marking the anniversary. On the thematic sides of the coins the letterings ‘75 ÉVES FORINT’ (75 years of the forint) and ‘MAGYARORSZÁG’ (Hungary), referring to the place of issuance as well as the year ‘2021’ indicating the time of issuance, are shown. The face value sides of the collector versions are identical with that of the 5-forint circulation coin.

The public will be able to familiarise themselves with the new coin in circulation during cash transactions while making everyday purchases.

To have these collector coins, to be used in everyday payment transactions, reach as many citizens as possible, the Magyar Nemzeti Bank will issue 2 million pieces of each lettered version totalling 12 million pieces. These will be the collector versions of circulation coins produced and issued in the largest quantities in the history of the forint. Following their issuance, these special 5-forint coins will be put into circulation gradually, adjusting to the needs in cash circulation.

The collector coins will also be up for sale in special sets. Out of the total number of 12 million, 12,000 pieces of the first day mint (in BU finish) will be available in serial numbered decorative packaging which will contain all six coins in the webshop and the coin shop of the Hungarian Mint Ltd. (Budapest, distr. V, 7 Báthory street) from 3 August 2021. The webshop can be accessed at

The coins forming the word FORINT, will also be available for purchase in decorative packaging in bankrolls through the distribution channels of the Hungarian Mint Ltd. The decorative packaging will contain one bankroll of the six coin versions.

Those interested in making a purchase, will have the chance to buy an empty collector folder and place the coins collected from circulation in there. As these coins will be issued in a large volume, which is exceptional to the current issuance practices the Bank follows, and in different versions simultaneously, the MNB will not allow the coins to be accessed through exchange of denominations at its retail cash office and the coin shop of the Hungarian Mint Ltd..

The design of the obverse of the six different 5-forint circulation coins:

The design of the coins’ reverse

First day mints of collector circulation coins in decorative packaging: