18 November 2021

The Magyar Nemzeti Bank (MNB) will hold the Budapest Eurasia Forum for the third time on 18 and 19 November 2021. Following the launch of this conference series in 2019, this year attendees will include renowned experts of the Asian and European economic and financial sector, international relations, the technology sector and education in line with the MNB’s strategy focussing on the balance between the West and the East.

In 2021, the Budapest Eurasia Forum bears the title ‘Sustainable Recovery and Prosperity in Eurasia – Trends, Future, Solutions’ and it will be held online with 43 speakers from 14 countries in attendance. At the opening event and the six thematic panels, the invited guests will discuss such issues as the changing roles of central banks in the post-Covid period, the forming of a geopolitical field of force in Eurasia, encouraging investment considered to be the driver of economies, the possibilities of multilateral partnerships in the green turnaround and the development of a digital infrastructure as well as the issue of ‘digital literacy’.

This series of conferences is an exceptional central bank event which does not only affect various economic and social segments, but it also virtually brings a wide range of Asian and European experts and decision-makers in business and economic policy to the same table. With this, it contributes to the strengthening of Hungary’s strategic role in Central Europe and promotes knowledge sharing and a dialogue in the international scene.

In his opening speech György Matolcsy, Governor of the MNB emphasized that all central banks have their duty to accelerate the digital and green transition of economies. ‘We need a fusion of Asian and Western models of innovation to solve all the challenges ahead of us. - he added.

 Zhenmin Liu, Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs pointed out that central banks again face difficult policy decisions. In many countries they need to continue to support economic recovery, yet they also stand ready to react to new challenges. – he stressed in his welcome speeches.

As Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs highlighted ‘we do believe that we need to make friendship with the Eastern countries, or at least partnership based on mutual respect and mutual interest’.

In his speech Gouli Tian, the Chairman of China Construction Bank underlined that new development means new opportunities. New opportunities lie on connectivity, and we need to open a new chapter in economic and trade cooperation.

In his keynote speech Gang YI, Governor of the People's Bank of China noted that the first issue they have to face is developing green finance. The PBOC will use structural monetary policy tool to help achieve the goal of carbon neutrality and promote green transition. We are working on a policy tool to support the reduction of carbon emission.

Before the panel discussions, introductory speeches will be given by Simon TAY, Chairman of the Singapore Institute of International Affairs and Parag KHANNA, bestseller writer, a specialist in geopolitics, among others.

You can watch the event on the Conference’s website: https://mnb.hu/eurasia

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