Starting with the current publication, prenatal baby support loans are highlighted from the time series, for this reason new tables 2.12.1. and 5.12.1. have been added to table sets 2 and 5. The data in the new tables is available from 2022 Q2 chronologically, broken down by quarter.

Further change in the published data is that on account of the expansion of data covered by HITREG data supply in Tables 2 and 5, as the data source, negative balances on payment accounts held by the credit institution and on other accounts for non-payment transactions that are accessible to the customer at any time (hereinafter 'forced loans') are included in the data release from the reference period of 2023 Q4 onwards. Consequently, data became comprehensive in Tables 2.10. and 5.10. from 2023 Q4 resulting in a small break in the time series in these tables. Table 6.10. is not affected by the change, as forced loans – due to the different data source – have always been shown in this table.

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