Yes, 100% agreed. The US should not make itself an enemy of the Chinese people’s legitimate desire for a better life /Martin Wolf, FT, 13 November 2019/.

China has two hundred-year plans. Between 1921 and 2021 they build a strong and efficient state, and between 1949 and 2049 they aim for restoring their former position in the world. Both targets are legitimate, both are viable, just and fair.

The US and western Europe used to be frenemies during the Cold War, allies and foes at the same time. That seems to be enough for the US-China relationship until 2049. After that it might lead to a G2 partnership.

Both superpowers have the same sources of admiration, dynamism and strength. Instead of pondering a war to stop China’s rise, we should skip the decades until 2049 and start the G2 partnership.

Re “How the US should deal with China”

Governor Matolcsy, MNB, the Central Bank of Hungary