Don’t hedge the issue, instead let’s face the truth. The Chinese government really has done a much better job in containing the disease than the US and the EU. China will be the only G20 economy to expand in 2020. This is exactly the very reason why international sentiment finally has not eroded towards China, contrary to what Gideon Rachman suggests. /FT, 27 October/

China does not want to export the so called “China model”; however, western countries always try to export their liberal democracies to all the other members of the global community.

Nevertheless, all western countries –liberal democracies and others - failed in handling the pandemic as efficiently as nearly all Asian countries. It is not the “model”, it is the mindset of the people that mattered most in success or failure.

In the west, we should be more Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Singaporeans and Asians in the run up to the next crisis/pandemics of the 2020s.

Governor Matolcsy, MNB, the Central Bank of Hungary

Re “China’s Covid triumphalism could be premature