Foreign Direct Investments

Special purpose entities (SPE) are playing a role in the intermediation of substantial financial resources within groups of company, due to channeling funds (the direction and size of which are controlled by their parents), rather than being a target for direct investment (net flows on various financial instruments are close to zero taking a longer period). One major characteristic of SPEs is that they channel relatively large funds. Consequently, recording their transactions particularly strongly increases the gross figures of the financial accounts.

In accordance with the international statistical recommendations from January 2006 the MNB compiles the balance of payments and the international investment statistics including SPEs, allow for international and bilateral comparisons of statistics, while based on economic considerations, the MNB continues to compile the balance of payments and international investment statistics excluding SPEs as readily interpretable in economic terms. Tables containing time series, Statistical press releases and any other analyses are based on data excluding SPEs. About SPEs see: Methodological notes on SPEs

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