The present landmark climate science report shows that the world is a different place since the IPCC’s last comprehensive overview in 2014 /The Straits Times, 7/29/2021/.

During the coming summits in October in Italy and in Scotland, much more emphasis should be put on building up a completely new green financing system. Since the start of the first industrial revolution financial sector’s innovations proved to be instrumental to the success of a nation. The banking system, even central banks have been playing a major role in financing the five technological revolutions in the last 300 years.

Political will and government decisions will not be enough to ignite transformational changes to accelerate transition to a sustainable and green economic model. It is the financial system - including central banks, commercial banks, investment banks, fintech and big tech – that can be the strategic partner of governments and businesses to win our future back.

Governor Matolcsy, MNB, the Central Bank of Hungary

Re “Landmark climate science report “critical for success” of COP26: UN