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Seminars 2010


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BESS seminars: January - June 2010

January 13

Adam Szeidl (University of Berkeley)

Consumption Commitments and Risk Preferences

February 3

Arturo Ormeno (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

Disciplining Expectations: Using Survey Data in Learning Models

February 8          

Roman Sysuyev (University of Rochester)

Ambiguity in a Two-Country World

February 11      

Cosimo Pancaro (European University Institute)

The Balassa-Samuelson and the Penn effect: are

they really the same?

February 15       CANCELLED

Jeta Menkulasi (University of Maryland)

Rational Inattention and Changes in Macroeconomic Volatility

February 18      

Ctirad Slavic (University of Minnesota)

Asset Prices and Business Cycles with

Financial Frictions

February 26  

Zoltán Pozsár (NY FED)

Shadow Banking

March 3

Bernd Wilfling (Münster School of Business and Economics, Germany)

Identification of speculative bubbles using state-space models with Markov-switching

March 10

Michael Reiter (IHS, Vienna)

Approximate and Almost-Exact Aggregation in Dynamic Stochastic Heterogeneous-Agent Models

March 17

Lucio Sarno (City University London)

Spot and Forward Volatility in Foreign Exchange

March 18. Thursday

Robert P. Lieli (University of Texas at Austin)

The Construction of Empirical Credit Scoring Rules Based on Maximization Principles

March 31

Matteo Iacoviello (Boston College, USA)

Financial Business Cycles

April 21        CANCELLED

Regis Barnichon (Federal Reserve Board)

What drives movements in the unemployment rate?

May 5

Gert Peersman (Ghent University)

Time Variation in U.S. Wage Dynamics

May 12        MNB- Széchenyi Room

Regis Barnichon (Federal Reserve Board)

What drives movements in the unemployment rate?

May 19

Guglielmo-Maria Caporale (Brunel University, London)

Inflation and Inflation Uncertainty in the Euro Area

May 27 Thursday,13:30-15:00, Szechenyi Room (A/401)

Elod Takats (BIS)

Aging and asset prices

June 2

Richild Moessner (BIS)

Central bank co-operation and international liquidity in the financial crisis of 2008-9

June 16

Mikhail Golosov (Yale University)

Optimal Dynamic Taxes

June 24 Thursday

John Boyd (Carlson School of Management)

Banking Crises and Crisis Dating: Theory and Evidence

Fall 2010 

September 15

Kristoffer P. Nimark (CREI, Barcelona)

Speculatice dynamics in the term structure of interest rates

October 13

Salvador Ortigueira (EUI, Florence)

How important is intra-household risk sharing for savings and labor supply?

October 27

Ugo Panizza (Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies Geneve and United Nations)

The Economics of Sovereign Debt and Sovereign Default

November 11 (Thursday)

Dirk Niepelt (Study Center Gerzensee; University of Bern; IIES, Stockholm University)

Debt Maturity without Commitment

November 19 (Friday)

Thomas Lubik (FED Richmond)

On-the-job search and the cyclical dynamics of the labor market (changed)

December 1

Gernot Mueller (University of Bonn)

Debt consolidation, spending reversals, and the transmission of fiscal policy

Last update: September 8, 2010

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