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Past visitors


Summer visitors in 2016

Artashes Karapetyan    (University of Zurich)

Czikán Norbert            (University of Alicante)

Emil Verner                (Princeton University)

Horváth Ákos              (Universität Wien)

Summer visitors in 2015

Czikán Norbert             (University of Alicante)

Zdarek Vaclav             (University of Warwick)

Summer visitors in 2014

Mihály Tamás Borsi      (University of Alicante)

Pawel Doligalski           (European University Institute)

Kristóf Németh             (University of Pécs)

Kilian Rieder                 (University of Oxford)

Summer visitors in 2013

Győző Gyöngyösi        (Central European University)

Lóránt Kaszab              (Cardiff University)

Bence Mérő                  (Corvinus University of Budapest)

Endre Morvay               (Corvinus University of Budapest)

Rana Sajedi                  (European University Institute)

Vukan Vujic                  (Central European University)

Summer visitors in 2012

Gergely Horváth           (University of Alicante)

Kinga Marczell              (Central European University)

Petra Németh               (Corvinus University of Budapest)

Gábor Regős               (Corvinus University of Budapest)

Kirill Shakhnov             (European University Institute)

Gergely Varga              (Corvinus University of Budapest)

Dzsamila Vonnák          (Central European University)

Summer visitors in 2011

Christoph Bertsch (European University Institute)

Karol Ciszek (European University Institute)

Sarolta Laczó (University of California Los Angeles)

Pálma Mosberger (Central European University)

Raffaele Rossi (University of Milan-Bicocca)

Liliana Varela (Paris School of Economics)

Wolfram Wilde (University of Münster)

Summer visitors in 2010

 Szabolcs Blazsek-Ayala (Universidad de Navarra)

Daniela Hauser (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona)

Clodomiro Ferreira Mayorga (European University Institute)

Katarina Lukácsy (Central European University)

Gábor Pintér (University of Cambridge)

Anton Velinov (European University Institute)

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