The aim of the collaborations between the Magyar Nemzeti Bank (MNB) and the universities is to promote the raising of the standard of education, educational innovation, quality improvement and the encouragement of student performance in the key domestic institutions of economics education, for which the central bank provides professional and financial support for many professional activities. The support programmes concluded with each institution are evaluated jointly by the parties at the end of each school year in order to further develop them in the light of the results and experience.

Within the framework of university collaborations, the Magyar Nemzeti Bank provides various support to its key university partners, including the development of education, the expansion of the training offer, the organization of competitions, events and workshops, and the promotion of scientific work. In addition to its key partners, the Magyar Nemzeti Bank collaborates with several other universities to promote modern economic education. The MNB also provides professional and financial support for the operation of the Eastern Business Academy Center at the Budapest University of Economics.

Collaboration of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank with its key university partners: