The University of Debrecen (DE) has been a key university partner of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank since 2019.

The objectives of the support provided by the MNB to the University of Debrecen are:

  • implementation of financial and economic research projects on innovation,
  • organization of conferences on economic, financial and interdisciplinary topics,
  • co-operation in the development of new training areas, as well as in domestic and foreign partner institution trainings (including the introduction of new subjects and trainings, and the support of the possibility for Hungarian economics students to participate in summer universities abroad),
  • establishment and operation of the MNB Department,
  • organizational development of the areas related to the co-operation, their international and domestic relationship building,
  • library development not related to the basic task of the University of Debrecen, but related to the implementation of the support goals,
  • operating a database for research not related to the core task.