The Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) has been a key university partner of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank since 2019.

The strategic goal of the cooperation between the MNB and BME is to increase national competitiveness and promote sustainable development by developing economic and management thinking, and by exploring and presenting the business and social value of technical innovations.

Areas of cooperation include green finance and digitization, artificial intelligence and the data age.

Objectives of the support provided by the MNB to BME:

  • announcing and organizing study competitions, scholarship programmes, joint scientific events, professional clubs,
  • inviting internationally renowned researchers,
  • joint professional publications, promotion of publications, book presentation series in cooperation with Pallas Athena Publishing House,
  • workshops on green finance, the green economy and digitization, artificial intelligence and the data age,
  • educational development, with the introduction of new subjects, specializations and training programs in the undergraduate and master's courses, as well as “education” in technical training to shape the financial, investment and economic knowledge and attitudes of the future technical intelligentsia,
  • organizing a series of events on current financial challenges and issues,
  • developing international relations, knowledge transfer, exchange programs and joint trainings.

In addition to the MNB's professional contribution, the cooperation strengthens the cooperation between the faculties of BME and promotes joint research.