Bank codes, branch office codes

The bank account numbers used in Hungary have a standard structure. The first 3 digits of the account number are the bank code issued by the MNB. This is followed by a four-digit branch-office identifier that may be chosen by the credit institutions. The first group of 8 (branch office code) is closed by a control number the generation rules of which is provided in an MNB Decree.

Governance of the transfers sent to the Interbank Clearing System is based on the routing table. No transfer may be initiated from/to an account number with a branch office code which is not included in the table.

The Short Routing Table below contains

  • the names and addresses of the branch offices which facilitate implementation of paper based transactions
  • which branch offices may send and receive VIBER items
  • the BIC code used by branch offices in domestic payments.

Under Article 5 (2) of MNB Decree No 35/2017 (XII.14.), payment service providers shall notify the MNB of any changes in the particulars contained in the routing table by the fourth business day of the month preceding the effective date of the change. Notification can be made either by mail or electronically, based on the information attached. The routing table is announced on the first day as value date via the “szamvez" channel of GiroNetwork GIROFile.

The short routing table is updated on the MNB’s website simultaneously with the entry into effect of the routing table, i.e. on the first working day of each month.