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By starting to use the web site all users shall implicitly accept the terms of use and the data protection conditions and rules stipulated below.

1. Copyright

The copyright of this web site's content belongs to the MNB, save the cases when a different source is indicated in the specific document or a statement to the contrary is made with regard to the copyright.

The information on this web site – unless provided otherwise – may be freely distributed, without changing the content, subject to specifying the source.

The intellectual products of third parties (articles, studies), published on the web site may only be used subject to the provisions of Act LXXXVI of 1999 on Copyright. Any other use going beyond these restrictions shall be subject to the author's consent.

2. Information

The information, data and conditions published on the MNB's web sites are for information only; the MNB accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the completeness or accuracy thereof.

The content of the web site does not qualify as an authentic register, public instrument or legal advice; the MNB regards that to be solely of informative nature.

The published information does not qualify as tax, legal or other advice. The MNB assumes no liability for the damages arising from business decisions made on the basis of or based on the information published on the web site.

The MNB reserves the right to change – partially or entirely – the contents of the web site at any time.

Only the printed official documents may be regarded as an authentic source.

3. Use of the web site

The MNB assumes no liability for any damage, loss or costs suffered as a result of using the web sites, the unusable condition, malfunctioning or breakdown of the web sites, the unauthorised change of the data by anybody, the delay in the forwarding of information, computer virus, connection or system fault or any similar reason.

4. Use of the web site requiring registration

The use of certain parts and functions of the web site is subject to registration.

Access to the services subject to registration shall be conditional upon providing the personal data specified there.

Following the registration the user obtains non-exclusive right to access the extra contents provided by the MNB.

The availability of extra contents is ensured by the privileges authorised by the MNB individually.

The information included in the closed contents of the services subject to registration is covered by separate legal provisions and the user shall treat those confidentially.

All users may access the extra content on the web site, requiring registration, only with their own user ID and password. The handling of the user account data (ID and password) as confidential data shall be the user's responsibility.

Users may use the ID and the password only in their own name and shall not assign it to third parties without the MNB's prior consent. Users shall be liable for the damages caused by the use of the user's account data by unauthorised third parties. The MNB assumes no liability for the direct or consequential damages, loss of data, profit, business or good reputation resulting from the use of the user's account data by an unauthorised third party.

If the user learns about the unauthorised access to his/her user account or the attempt thereof, he/she shall forthwith notify the MNB to this effect.

Upon the request of the web site the user shall forthwith modify his/her passwords and IDs permitting access to the extra content of the web site subject to registration.

The MNB logs and archives – and upon the occurrence of an incident – analyses the system events.

5. Related web sites

The web site of the MNB may contain connection points (hyperlinks) providing automatic connection options to other internet web sites. The content downloaded by following the external links is beyond the MNB's control.

The MNB web site only mediates the access to the connecting web sites, and it assumes no obligation or responsibility whatsoever for such web sites or the information placed there, even if those were reviewed or approved by any of the MNB's employees or agents.

The MNB assumes no responsibility for the contents created, forwarded, stored, made accessible or published by third parties that the MNB's web sites connect or refer to. Furthermore, the MNB assumes no liability for the compliance with the confidentiality and data protection practice of the owners of other web sites.

6. Legal Consequences

Upon the breach of the provisions of this disclaimer the MNB shall immediately take the necessary legal measures.

7. Change of the Disclaimer

The MNB reserves the right to modify this Disclaimer, of which it will always inform its users in this part of the web site.