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Financial Stability



The Magyar Nemzeti Bank cooperates with both domestic and international organisations to ensure that it can effectively carry out its duties set out in the central bank act and establish and maintain the stability of the financial system.

Defining financial stability

Financial stability is a state in which the financial system, i.e. the key financial markets and the financial institutional system is resistant to economic shocks and is fit to smoothly fulfil its basic functions: the intermediation of financial funds, management of risks and the arrangement of payments.

Macroprudential Policy

MNB maintains the stability of the financial intermediary system as a whole, increases its shock-absorbing capacity, and supports the sustainable contribution of the financial system to economic growth.


The Reports on Financial Stability, Other research studies and the Lending Survey are publications relating to the topic of financial stability. In our publications we aim at providing a picture of the most recent developments relating to the stability of the Hungarian financial system, in a high quality.

The role of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank in financial stability

There is general global consensus today that the responsibility for system stability – in addition to the monetary regulation function – defines key objectives and tasks for central banks, regardless whether the organisation exercising money and capital market supervision rights operates within or outside of the central bank organisation...


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