Based on the results of the previous payments strategy, a new vision is required regarding electronic payments, summarised by the MNB’s document called Payments 2030, which also provides a basis for specific measures to be defined in the future. In the following period, the MNB’s main payments strategy objective is to significantly increase the ratio of electronic transactions by 2030, and in case of an extensive and general usage stimulation, the MNB aims to make 60 per cent of transactions electronic, and in case of further specific measures, two-thirds of them electronic by 2030. The payments strategy outlines the main areas and possible directions identified during the analysis and research activity carried out so far, where targeted economic policy intervention may take place in the future in order to achieve the main strategic objective. In order to evaluate the current situation of Hungarian payments, identify potential areas of intervention and possibilities for specific measures, define strategic objectives, evaluate the implementation of the necessary measures to reach the objectives, the MNB has established the Payments Development Indicator Set (PDIS).