The aim of the Sustainability Report is for the Magyar Nemzeti Bank – in line with its statutory mandate – to assess and measure the key factors of long-term, sustainable convergence and inclusive growth in Hungary, supporting the formulation and implementation of reforms that ensure the long-lasting achievement of economic and social welfare. The Sustainability Report addresses this in a complex manner: in addition to the real economy factors, it also examines whether the financial, social and environmental resources are also utilised in a sustainable manner in an international comparison, in order to achieve and maintain successful convergence and social welfare.


Published by the Magyar Nemzeti Bank
H-1013 Budapest, Krisztina Krt. 55.
Publisher in charge: Eszter Hergár
Editor: Gergely Baksay
ISSN 2786-2615 (print)
ISSN 2786-2623 (on-line)