With the aim to support the fulfilment of its fundamental duties stipulated in Act CXXXIX of 2013 on Magyar Nemzeti Bank, and particularly the task related to the definition and implementation of monetary policy, the Magyar Nemzeti Bank analyses the development of the budgetary deficit and debt, monitors the financing of the general government, analyses the impact of financing on the monetary processes, on the capital markets and on liquidity, and researches fiscal policy issues.

Pursuant to Act CXCIV of 2011 on the Economic Stability of Hungary, the Governor of the MNB is the member of the Fiscal Council (FC), and thus the professional expertise and accumulated information available in the MNB can indirectly support the work of the FC. The MNB prepares background analyses for the duties of the FC stipulated in the Stability Act, and makes them available for the FC. The general public can learn about the most important results of these expert analyses from the publication „Public Finance Report”.


The Report was published with the title ‘Public Finance Review’ between 2011 and 2014: