The Productivity Report helps the central bank fulfil its statutory duties. The primary objective of Hungary’s central bank is to achieve and maintain price stability. However, without prejudice to its primary objective, its mandates also include supporting the economic policy of the government. The Productivity Report facilitates this by promoting an understanding of the drivers, breakdown and dynamics of economic growth and the key factor of convergence, which helps us formulate and implement reforms to boost productivity. The Productivity Reports does this in a complex manner, examining a wide range of efficiency indicators, including labour productivity as well as innovation, digitalisation and ecological productivity.

Published by the Magyar Nemzeti Bank
H-1013 Budapest, Krisztina Krt. 55.
Publisher in charge: Eszter Hergár
Editor: Gergely Baksay
ISSN 2732-3900 (nyomtatott)
ISSN 2732-3919 (on-line)