Since 2015, the Risk Outlook Report has been published once a year. The Report presents the risks facing insurance companies, funds, financial enterprises and intermediaries as well as the capital market. The Risk Outlook Report provides a more in-depth analysis of the sectors which are not or only briefly discussed by the Financial Stability Report, and therefore it does not contain findings about the banking sector discussed in detail in the former. The main aim of the Report is to increase the risk awareness of participants in the market overseen by the Bank and strengthen confidence in the sectors. It provides an overview of experience gained during official investigations and continuous oversight in a breakdown by area, highlighting the major prudential risks identified in the reference period. 




Published by the Magyar Nemzeti Bank
Szabadság tér 9, 1054 Budapest
Publisher in charge: Eszter Hergár
Editor: Gergő Szeniczey
ISSN 2416-3562 (print)
ISSN 2498-6097 (on-line)