In cooperation with the Magyar Nemzeti Bank and the Corvinus University of Budapest (CORVINUS), the third sub-program of the Multidisciplinary Doctoral School of International Relations, “Geopolitics”, was launched at CORVINUS in 2017, which enables the acquisition of a PhD degree in political science. The languages of the sub-program are English and Hungarian.

The program aims to provide high-quality scientific training in multidisciplinary fields of international relations with a geopolitical focus. This study requires multidisciplinary education and training, so the structure of the training is dominated by the supporting disciplines (international law, international economics, theory of international politics, multidisciplinary history of international relations, regional studies - European and non-European areas).

The blocks dealing with theoretical contexts and the practical operation of the international system offer versatile knowledge to all those who are oriented towards the theoretical, teaching and research fields, want to work in multilateral institutions, or want to deal with international relations in the domestic institutions.

It is important for the students of the program to carry out part-time studies abroad, to get acquainted with foreign research workshops and researchers. The departments and institutes involved in doctoral training have educational and scientific relations with several foreign universities and research institutes, and the Doctoral School is constantly striving to expand international cooperation.